The Virtues of Outsourcing

The Virtues of Outsourcing

There are tangible benefits to working with off-site marketing professionals. Included are cost savings, convenience, and fresh perspective. Choose a studio with a proven track record of solid work and noteworthy clients to ensure the trust you need in an out-of-house relationship.

Minus the cost of salaries, benefits, parking, etc., off-site team members can provide concise, efficient delivery of goods and services.

Rock-solid estimates and hourly billing afford the client projectable expenditures. Why pay for an 8-hour workday when in actuality only 5 hours are spent on development and production?

Graphic development and the print production process, in particular, can be laborious. There is an up-side for in-house staff to receive a project perfect and complete without having been involved in the hands-on of it all.

Quality outside agencies are poised to rise to the occasion. If you need 1300 pages layed-out in 14 business days a company well-versed in and prepared to utilize qualified talent is ready to take on the challenge.

Speaking of Talent, your company is full of individuals with special gifts and expertise suited to your industry. Viscomm feels the same about our team of visionary, tech-savvy, marketing professionals. Our team provides consultation, strategy development for client approval, and implementation. We offer top of the line concept development and production on all product and service levels.

If you need a database, password-protected pages, a web video, an email blast, and a blog presence to synch with the launch of an in-house initiative – give the word. There are no limitations on what a quality outfit can provide.

What if you need to deploy your message from several different communication platforms including print, social media, public relations, media placement, etc.? Sign-off and the right outside communications partner can deliver – no fuss.

When the smoke clears, you receive an invoice which matches the original estimate. You can now gauge the direct impact of specific marketing dollars.

VisComm offers a broad range of marketing services that take the guesswork and burden out of in-house corporate communications.

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