Non-Profit for Kids with Special Needs – Press Release, January 2013 – Print, Web
2nd Annual Gala Fundraiser



Mom Wonders How to Help Medically Challenged Child
Be a “Typical” Kiddo on His Birthday

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – January 9, 2013 – Non-Profit announced today growth in its third year of operations.

In 2012, Non-Profit delivered nationwide more than 1,200 custom celebration cakes to kids with serious medical challenges. The numbers represent a 200 percent increase from 2011. The team at the Maryland-based non-profit has grown to 40 administrative volunteers and a network of 3,000 volunteer bakers. Non-Profit plans to “Bake a Difference” worldwide in 2013 with the incorporation of two international chapters.

“We continue to grow exponentially because people understand the magic of a cake. We can’t wait to celebrate that during this year’s gala and hope that the event will raise the funds we need to connect our volunteers to kids all over the world,” says Founder & Executive Director.

The second annual gala will be held February 2, 2013, at The Oak Room in historic Sandy Spring, MD. The celebration will begin at 7:00 PM and last until 11:00 PM.

Light savory hors d’oeuvres and luscious desserts will be served. Open bar by Crazy Lil’s will be available with a signature drink for the event.

Food Network Challenge winner and celebrity baker Paul Joachim (, author Elisa Strauss
(, and award-winning sugar artist Burton Farnesworth ( will be on-hand to create one-of-a-kind artistic confections. The gala will also host a silent auction, a dance floor, and live music performed by Jay and Kristen Anzures.

All proceeds will help to bring smiles to children in the fight of their lives. One mother said, “When I contacted Non-Profit, a burden was lifted from my heart. I was worried about whether we could help our son to feel like a “typical” kiddo on his birthday. My problems were solved with one email.”

Gala tickets are available at

Tax deductible contributions and sponsorship opportunities are also available at the website.

About Non-Profit
Non-Profit is a Maryland-based 501(c)(3) that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats nationwide to families impacted by the critical illness of a child. The simple things, like a birthday cake, are luxuries to a family battling illness. The goal of Non-Profit is to create a custom cake for the child, or their sibling, that provides a temporary escape from worry and creates a positive memory during a difficult time.


If you would like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Founder & Executive Director, please call Jessica Fisher at 410-207-6530 or email at



NON-PROFIT FOR CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES – Online Grant Application, August 2012
CVS Caremark Community Grant – Programs to Benefit Children with Disabilities

Disabilities-Inclusive Extracurricular Programs / Arts & Culture, Performing Arts

Requested: $4885
4 Month Program
Project Start Date: 10/15/12
Project End Date: 3/11/13


Foundation is a 501(c) that provides free recreational wellness resources for children with disabilities and social economic challenges in DC/MD/VA.

We plan to improve the quality of life of disabled children in our community with the introduction of a fun and therapeutic activity. The J4U Wheelchair Dance Program will include 12 sessions on a biweekly basis for 6 months of the year.

A 2005 report by entitled “Children with Limitations” indicated that among American children with limitations, 28 percent were reported to be sad, unhappy, or depressed, compared with 10 percent of children without limitations. These symptoms may reflect, in part, frustration with environmental barriers that limit their ability to fully engage in home, school, community, or social activities, as well as the limiting conditions themselves (National Health Interview Survey, 1997).

The national goals of the 2010 initiative include a reduction in the percentage of children and adolescents with disabilities who are reported to be sad, unhappy, or depressed from 31 percent (in 1997) to a targeted 17 percent (ibid).

12-Session Total Cost Includes:

– Instructor Certification, American Dancewheels Foundation ($500)
– Instructor Pay ($300)
– Indoor ADA Facility $3,800 monthly/1 day/12 sessions ($1,520)
– Utilities $1,900 monthly/1 day/12 sessions ($760)
– Music ($50)
– Drink and Snack ($630)
– Printed T-Shirts ($350)
– Last Dance ($775)

Total Cost: $4,885


The activities involved in this unique and specifically designed program will include dance and fitness sessions for wheelchair-bound participants. Our success will include increased morale for our participants within an uplifting environment, improved physical fitness, and increased self-esteem through skill building and peer engagement.

 Participants will learn therapeutic dance techniques within styles that include ballroom, cha cha, tango, jazz, and hip hop.


Participants will have the same opportunities as able-bodied persons to engage with peers and to move to music. Our facility is safe and ADA compliant. The volunteer staff is trained in sensitivity to persons with disabilities. The program is free for all.


There are sports opportunities for children with special needs within the Washington Metropolitan Area. However, J4U Wheelchair Dance Program is the only resource of its kind. This unique context combines music, dancing, social interaction, and skill building.


– 80% of the participants will improve their physical flexibility, strength, and coordination.
– 75% of the participants will have increased stimulation, develop segmental learning, and increased motivation to learn.
– 90% participants will nurture an appreciation for the art of rhythm and dance.
– 95% of the participants will enjoy increased social skills, comradery, and communication skills.
– 80% of the participants will have increased self esteem.


We welcome CVS Caremark volunteers to serve as event facilitators and dance partners for participants. Our team of sensitivity trained volunteers includes parents, family members, friends, participants in our At-Risk Youth Volunteer Program, and students from local high schools and colleges.


Total number 0-21 in participation:

Total number 1-21 with disabilities in participation: 30

Total number of adults (22+) in participation:


 $4,885 / 35 = $139.57


MARKETING SERVICES COMPANY – Press Release, July 2012 – Print, Web
Five Hours Free Promotion




Five Hours of Free Marketing Service Provided


BALTIMORE, MD – July 1, 2012 – Marketing Services Company announced today a contest that will give one winner five hours of free graphic design and marketing consultation.

Services include the winner’s choice of concept development, design, production, market research, brand strategy, logo development, website updates, social media setup, SEO consultation, and more.

Marketing Services Company assists business owners to devise marketing strategies for success. “Our goal is to engage with the community, roll up our sleeves, and help businesses grow,” says Senior Account Manager.

The foundation of a successful business includes a quality product, mission, brand strategy and communication. Through consultation and strategy development, entrepreneurs can gain a clear perception of their position in the market and make a plan to achieve their goals.

Go to to enter from July 1 thru July 31, 2012.

Contest details, rules, and restrictions available at

About Marketing Services Company
Marketing Services Company is a full-service marketing communications company based in Baltimore, MD. Specialties include print and web production, client consultation, brand strategy, concept development and project management.

If you would like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview, please call Jessica Fisher at (410) 207-6530 or email at



ORIOLES MAGAZINE, Issue 3, 2001 – Print
Editor’s Note – Cal Ripken, Jr. Retirement Commemorative Edition

You’re in for a real treat.

As we brainstormed for a way to give something special to our fans – something that would truly honor Cal Ripken, Jr. – we thought it would be nice to go back in time, take a walk down memory lane, and see what was written about Cal in Orioles Magazine over the last twenty years.

Digging through the Orioles archives for vintage Cal Ripken, Jr. content to fill this special edition of Orioles Magazine was a pleasure. We combed through two decades of original editorial content, “Classic Cal” advertising, and some great marketing concepts that seemed to really speak to the community. That’s what the Orioles have always been about for me and lots of others – being a part of the community in Baltimore.

I recognized some of the covers from when I was young and went with my parents to Memorial Stadium. It’s a privilege years later to be part of the process that produced this Ripken retrospective for you to enjoy.

So, let’s talk about the man of honor. What can we say that hasn’t already been said? He’s a “stand-up” guy that reminds us all of why we love baseball. His values, commitment, and perseverance remind so many of us of things that are too easily lost sight of.

It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. It’s how you play the game.

Cal showed us all how to play the game with dignity, integrity, and a pursuit of excellence. Some people might call that “The Oriole Way.” The standards set by a family on and off the field have also made it “The Ripken Way.”

I like thinking about “The Oriole Way,” that crazy Oriole Bird, and the good times had by all at the ballpark. It makes me feel like I’m home – in Baltimore.

We have fewer heroes now than ever before. But Baltimore has its very own. This is a special town. This is a special hero. It’s tough to say goodbye to the player. At least we’re not saying goodbye to the hero. Really, we won’t ever have to. Guys like Cal make their mark on time and in our minds – and in our children’s minds if we make it so.

Here’s to you, Cal. Thanks for all the good times.

Go O’s!
Editor, Orioles Magazine


Foreword – Written and Edited for Chuck Thompson from Recorded Excerpts

I’ve tried to think back to the first time I had an inkling that this young kid, Cal Ripken, Jr., could be special. Well, to be honest, I didn’t. I knew he was a big, strong athlete. But I had no idea of what kind of head he had.

I would soon find out, like so many others, that the Ripken family cultivated strong individuals with keen minds and athletic prowess.

When you sat down with Cal Ripken, Sr., you talked baseball. He would inquire about your wife, or if he knew that one of your kids was sick he would ask about it. Otherwise, the topic was baseball. It sounds as if that was all he talked about. But that’s not true. The Ripkens have always had the ability to handle family matters and separate them from the ballpark. That’s kind of tough. But they’ve always been able to do it.

There is a time for playing cards and having fun and being with family. Then, there is a certain time of the day, for people like the Ripkens, when the clock ticks and says, “Hey, go to work. Tonight you gotta fight.” I think all of the pros are like that.

Being a professional is about work, dedication, concentration, and fine tuning yourself into a well-crafted athlete. If you’re a good teacher, you pass those things on. Growing up you would see Cal, Jr. at the ballpark occasionally – but not that often. Senior was going to work. It was not a place for kids to play. However, he made them well aware of the lessons to be learned on the field. Cal, Sr., Vi and the kids worked together, played together, and were proud of each other. Just like all good families. Although so many of us know Cal Ripken, Jr. as the “Iron Man,” he is still a regular guy. Still a dad, a husband, and a son – all of those things.

Coming home from the airport one night, there was a mix-up. Cal didn’t have a ride. I offered to take him home. We pulled up to his gate and he said, “Hit the button.” His children answered. I sat there and listened to him talk to Rachel and Ryan for about five minutes. Finally he said, “Okay, Daddy wants to get in.” I drove him up to the house and said, “See ya later, Rip.” For a couple of minutes I had the privilege of seeing a small piece of Cal’s life that I had never seen before, and will probably never see again. It was a great night to lean back and enjoy something very ordinary and something very special at the same time.

Cal, Jr. has carried on standards set by his parents and cultivated solid relationships with his own kids.

These same ideas had a lot to do with the very beginnings of the beliefs and ethics that are now associated with the “Oriole Way.” The ballclub in Baltimore has done a good job of seeing that these standards have been carried on through the years. Brooks and Boog and Frank Robinson and Blair, and all of those outstanding players, they all came through the same organization in the same way.

The Orioles, over the years, have been blessed with an outstanding bunch of people. I’m not sure, but it may start in training camp. Maybe it begins in the minor leagues. When considering all of their success, it sure seems to be the right way to run a baseball club. Of course, there have been snags. But then again, they pick themselves up and go get the players they need to do well.

I think more than anything else, the Orioles want to cultivate those rare individuals and bring them up through their system rather than trade for players who come from varying standards and structures. There are a lot of people that exist behind the scenes that help run the Orioles organization. And they’ve been doing a wonderful job for many years. Their minor leagues are very well taken of and the young guys come right up from the bottom into the demands of the Majors.

Pressure makes diamonds. Pivotal situations create clutch situations. The Ripken family knows all about rising to the occasion. Every time you come up to the plate it’s a clutch situation. Every time a pitcher makes a pitch – that’s a clutch situation. It’s part of your life on and off the field. You just have to learn to handle it.

Imagine for a moment, a lifetime of clutch situations, played in thousands of consecutive games. Cal Ripken, Jr. was there every night – day after day. Good nights, bad nights. He is the epitome of a professional, much like some of the “Greats” who may have influenced him as he was coming up – Brooks Robinson, Johnny Unitas, Artie Donovan, Mike Flannagan, and Jim Palmer. All of these men not only have the God-given gift of physical ability, but they were mentally formidable, as well. And because of their charisma and integrity their relationship with the Baltimore community has endured through the years.

Much like these guys, Cal, Jr. wore orange and black particularly well. The pride he took in representing Baltimore has lasted over the years. I consider Cal to be an excellent example of the perpetuity of the Orioles tradition. All of my life, I have heard certain special players referred to as real “pros.” I can’t think of someone who greater exemplifies that term in baseball than Cal Ripken, Jr.

He understands the demands of being a professional athlete and generously embraces his role as a model in the community. Cal has old-fashioned values and uncommon standards. He respects the people who spend their money to come and see the ballgames. On the road, Cal would go to the field to warm up and take time to sign autographs for fans. He felt that if they were good enough to come to the ballpark and wait for an autograph, he wanted to get to as many of them as he could.

He has always gained respect by giving respect.

You know that old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together”? Cal gravitated toward the same kind of guys – the guys that understood the importance of playing good ball and appreciating the fans. Maybe that’s why Cal and Eddie Murray were such good friends. The two Orioles legends are a lot alike. They are family men. They are not showboats. They don’t scream and holler at people. They realize that the umpire can have a bad day just as well as they can.

They are silent people. When they talk, listen. Because they are men of few words.

When I think about Cal, things that come to mind include good friends, good times, and fighting the good fight. I think we would all like to look back on our own lives that way. Many of the great ones do.

The last thing that comes to my mind about Cal Ripken, Jr. is that we will never see a player like him again. We may never find another athlete who will play as well for as long. Look at what Cal has accomplished: How many years? How many games? I’ve never seen anybody like him.

It takes a man with a very solid mental attitude to do it for as long as he’s done it. I’m not sure how one acquires that kind of fortitude. Maybe you’re born with it. I don’t think so. I think it is something that an athlete has got to manufacture within himself.

Some days, mentally you’re right there but you have an ache or a pain. Other days you don’t have an ache or a pain but you can’t remember your own name. It’s a demanding game, baseball. And it’s the greatest game ever played! All of us in Baltimore have been very fortunate through the years that some of the greatest athletes of all time have worn the Orioles uniform. But there will never be another Cal Ripken, Jr.

Baseball is so much fun to watch because it’s such a great game. The difference between an out and a base hit is just a step. Some guys get there and some guys don’t. Cal got there.

Chuck Thompson
Hall of Fame Broadcaster



Jahn Mortars Sell Sheet

The Jahn Mortar System is the first line of defense for industry professionals who need the job done right the first time. An investment in the world’s greatest custom mix and method means no-wait single application and repairs that are built to last. No-hassle clean-up and safe for workers because our environmentally friendly products are tough without being toxic.

Preserve and protect. Good stewardship is our commitment.

Without the addition of latex or acrylic bonding agents, Jahn Mortars are engineered to create a superior chemical bond to prepared substrates. Also formulated to withstand freeze/thaw cycles created by trapped water and salt, Jahn is the first choice for lasting results.

Formulations include Natural Stone, Brick, Terra Cotta, Stucco/Plaster and Pointing Mortars. Jahn cementitious Injection Grouts and MasonRE® Adhesives are also available as part of our complete line of masonry maintenance and restoration materials.



New Website and Specifiers Login

Cathedral Stone® Products has improved its website to provide a better gateway to our references and resources.
Users will find quick access by category to our Jahn and MasonRE® product lines. This complete system includes mortars, grouts, cleaners, repellents, strippers, efflorescence remover, paints and stains. Review our Case Studies to see CSP in action. Our products and expert consultants remain the go-to choice of the masonry restoration industry.

The new Specifiers Login will serve as a toolkit for decision makers. Current access includes data, msds and spec sheets in editable Microsoft Word format. We will actively make additions to the functionality in the upcoming months. Sign up for a username and password today.

If you are a specifier interested in setting up an account for specialized lab access, please contact Kathleen Lawlor, Director of Marketing by email or by phone 410-782-0820.



Share Your MasonRE® Case Studies

We keep an eye out for great examples of the MasonRE® product line at work. The job is made easier by a new interface on our website that allows users to input project data and upload images. Your firsthand accounts from the field may be included in CSP print and web materials. Click Here to submit your MasonRE® Case Study.


MY DAY MAGAZINE, 2006 – Print, Web, E-Newsletter
Make Up for Your Special Day – Interview with Make Up Artist, Nicole Palermo

My Day asked Baltimore makeup artist Nicole Palermo about her thoughts on working with an on-site professional on your wedding day.

Do you need a makeup artist for your big day?
You need balance and calm on your wedding day. You do not want to run around too much. There are a lifetime of makeup tips and wedding tips that go hand and hand with photography. That is not to say you have to wear a pound of makeup for it to show up. It can be natural, however it is a process, one that I don’t think any bride should take on, unless you know your makeup and you have makeup skills.

Is it necessary for a bride to wear a lot of makeup to accentuate her features in pictures? And even if the bride does not usually wear a lot of makeup?
Heavy makeup is not necessary in order for a bride to look good in her pictures. A bride should stay true to herself. Expert application ensures a flawless, light appearance even on a face accentuated richly with product.

Are the services of a professional makeup artist worth the investment?
Invest the money. For the pictures that you look at for the rest of your life, you want to be flawless and timeless. It is worth every penny.

When should a bride set-up a “trial” run for her makeup?
Sought-after makeup artists are often booked a year in advance. Book a trial for two to three months prior to your wedding.

What should a bride bring to a trial and how long will the session last?
Your trial will take an hour or so. You need to bring just yourself. You can bring pictures of your dress, hair, flowers, looks in a magazine that you like, your planner, and a friend or mom for support. Come with a clean face, if possible.

Do you recommend that a bride’s mother and bridesmaids schedule a trial?
Yes, of course! It is best to schedule trials for other members of the bridal party on a separate day. The bride’s trial is truly a time to center on her needs and to create her vision.

Should a bride schedule to have her makeup trial done on the same day as her hair trial?
Yes, this is a great way to see the look come together! For convenience, hair and makeup artists may even be available to perform trials within the same studio. This is so convenient!

Why does a bride need an artist if she can do her own makeup? Many brides like to look natural.
You may be natural but that does not mean the makeup should not be drop-dead gorgeous. Even the most natural look can be breathtaking, not just mascara and lip gloss.

It is the technique that you are investing in. Wedding makeup is special because it has to endure many hours of photographs, kissing and crying, or simply being overheated because people are hugging you all day.

However, if you are looking for makeup that lasts all day, has flawless light coverage, makes your eyes really stand out, and will look picture perfect for the entire day and night, hire a professional to do all of the work. A bride should not have to give her makeup a second thought. A beautiful wedding dress deserves beautiful makeup.


MY DAY MAGAZINE, 2006 – Print, Web, E-Newsletter
Spa Day for the Bride – Daily Feed

A relaxed, well-coiffed bride is a happy bride.

There are a number of exceptional spa experiences to help Baltimore and DC brides prepare for and enjoy their nuptial celebration. Included among them are The Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique and Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa.

Enter through the Red Door at the Elizabeth Arden Spa to enjoy the luxury of consummate service and the expertise of world-class stylists and aestheticians.

The ladies in your bridal party will thank you for an invitation to a day of pleasure and repose at this exclusive spa.

Red Door Spa Bridal Packages Include:

Bridal Bouquet at the Red Door – Full Day:

  • Swedish Massage (50 mins.)
  • Bikini Wax
  • Warm Cream Manicure
  • Warm Cream Pedicure
  • Haircut, Blow Dry & Finish
  • Spa Lunch

Dress Rehearsal at the Red Door – Half Day:

  • Bridal Trial Hair Consultation & Design (with Headpiece)
  • Bridal Trial Makeup Application
  • Wedding Day Hair
  • Wedding Day Makeup

Groom’s Day at the Red Door (half day):

  • Swedish Massage (50 mins.)
  • Sport Manicure
  • Haircut & Finish

Book your appointment online at

Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa is located at The Village of Cross Keys #42, Baltimore, MD. 21210 Phone: 410-323-3636.

Phone: 410-323-3636.

The world is your oyster at The Pearl. This one-of-a-kind spa has a team of specialists ready to consult and personalize your pre-bridal experience.

Adrift in a soothing current of consummate service, the spa offers pampering and primping from head to toe.

The Pearl suggests a consultation three to six months prior to your wedding day, as the spa offers much more for the bridal party than hair and make-up.

The Pearl offers brides-to-be everything they need to prepare in advance for their big day. Services include personal training, slimming treatments, microdermabrasion and other highly specialized facial treatments. Other popular bridal services include skin therapies, custom airbrush tanning and contouring, teeth whitening and Hawaiian Rapture Massage.

Take advantage of the spa’s on-site special event facilities for bridal showers and bachelorette parties.

The Pearl encourages brides and grooms to call to make an appointment for a tour and a complimentary consultation.

Visit their website at

The Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique is located at 8171 Maple Lawn Boulevard, Suite 100, Maple Lawn, Maryland 20759Phone: 301-776-6948.

Phone: 301-776-6948.


MY DAY MAGAZINE, 2006 – Print, Web, E-Newsletter
Honeymoon Tips for the Bride – Daily Feed

Travel agents will tell you that resorts are the most popular honeymoon destinations. It’s easy to understand why with all of their conveniences and amenities. Looking for a more independent adventure? There’s a whole world out there to explore – together.

Here are a few tips to help you decide:

Carefully consider your departure.
Why not give yourself time to rest before you embark on the first leg of your journey as husband and wife? Perhaps you can linger and enjoy out-of-town guests for a day or two after your wedding. What’s the hurry? You may enjoy your trip even more if you are well-rested.

Take a sentimental journey.
Your honeymoon can also be an ideal occasion to reconnect with international associates. If an old friend now lives in Japan, no time like the present to enjoy an insider’s view of the Japanese culture.

Lazy in love?
Are you an active or passive honeymooner? Does an adventure accented with physical challenges interest you? Or would you prefer to relax with your thoughts on a sandy beach with a drink in a coconut? It’s your call.

Control the volume of your honeymoon as you see fit. A honeymoon can begin and end at the same location or can have different legs to its journey. Do you want to see a host of diverse destinations (on a cruise or with a travel group) or become intimately acquainted with one unique locale?

All Inclusive or Fancy-Free?
Do you want to be the captain of your own ship and find food and drink as locals do? Or would you like basic food and beverages to be included in your honeymoon package? All-inclusive deals take the pressure off and make it easy to establish and stick to a budget.

Dream a dream.
Is it your fiancé’s dream to catch a game at Dodgers Stadium? Then enjoy a Dodger Dog and a day or two in sunny Los Angeles. If a bird’s eye view of Florence from the Campanile is your idea of heaven on earth–make it happen. A dream come true is its own reward.


MY DAY MAGAZINE, 2006 – Print, Web, E-Newsletter
Wedding Cake Tips – Daily Feed

Second only to the image of the bride walking down the aisle, thoughts of the wedding cake will remain in the hearts and minds of special guests.

Let us share a few pointers to assist in the creation of a truly outstanding bridal confection.

  • Find a baker known for beautiful as well as delicious wedding cakes.
  • Consider a baker that has attention to detail; who is open to recommendations; someone who provides support and encouragement to help you through the process.
  • Look for made-from-scratch cakes – fresh not frozen.
  • Find out about applicable delivery and setup  charges in addition to the cost of the cake itself.
  • Feel free to bring to your consultation those whose opinions you would like to take into consideration.
  • Work with someone trained in classic pastry methods or someone who is at least abreast of the latest trends and techniques.
  • Make an appointment for a fact-finding consultation. Bring along visual references such as fabric swatches and samples found in books and magazines.
  • Start your search and provide a deposit to reserve the cake well in advance – six months to a year.
  • Share your budget with your baker at the outset. Creative touches such as buttercream frosting  with icing flowers will be less expensive than custom fondant cakes with gum paste flowers.

Jamie of Sugarbakers Cakes in Catonsville, MD, suggests the following:

  • Ask five friends (or people whose opinion you respect) for referrals.
  • Do not ask a friend or loved one (who just took a cake decorating class) to bake your cake. If you work with a pro you can increase your opportunity for perfection.
  • Choose a reputable professional with a proven track record. Ask the other wedding vendors you’re dealing with for ideas. Your reception site should have a list of preferred vendors, as well.
  • Taste and See! Be sure you see cake models that represent a variety of styles and sizes, as well as view extensive photos of that bakery’s own work.
  • Don’t forget this: Your wedding cake will be the first thing your guests will see (besides the beautiful bride), and the last thing they taste. Make it a lovely memory!

SugarBakers Cakes offers a complimentary first anniversary cake for its wedding clientele.


MY DAY MAGAZINE, 2006 – Print, Web, E-Newsletter
All Exclusive: Designer Trunk Shows – Daily Feed

A bridal trunk show is an exclusive, in-store fashion event intended to familiarize clientele with a designer’s entire couture collection. Bridal trunk shows usually run at boutiques from one to four days.

Here’s how it works. A typical bridal salon carries a sampling of designer collections. Retailers usually go to market and purchase a representation of a designer line – perhaps three to six pieces. A boutique that offers trunk shows affords an exclusive opportunity for the bride to review within a personal setting up to 40 unique pieces.

On the day of a trunk show event, brides come to a boutique and are encouraged to try on the dresses. In contrast, the bride in attendance at a runway show may only see the dresses as they appear on models.

Attendance at a trunk show is ideal for the bride interested in choosing a gown of distinction. Orders for a unique gown may be placed months in advance of its boutique availability.

Many salons offer extraordinary services or incentives during trunk shows. Boutiques may offer special veils and accessories. Certain showrooms may waive certain fees. Custom fittings may be made to order at no additional charge. Discounts for the same-day purchase at couture trunk shows can be as much as 10 percent. Special deliveries are also available. Often dresses that normally require six months to produce can be completed and arranged for boutique delivery in half the time.

It is recommended that interested trunk show clients call in advance to schedule an appointment.

Pamela at Hannelores in Old Town Alexandria, VA, would like to share the following tips for brides interested in trunk show attendance:

  • Familiarize yourself with the designer line featured. Certain lines are not for everyone. There is no point in attending a trunk show if you are not fond of the style of the designer.
  • Know your budget – if you have one. Prices for couture gowns usually range from $3,000 to $8,000.
  • The dresses at trunk shows are manufacturer samples. Such gowns are the actual garments used on the runway. Guests at a trunk show will have the benefit of viewing the garment on an actual model, versus on a hanger.
  • Incentives are available only on the days of the trunk show. If a bride doesn’t want to purchase her dream gown during the show, perhaps she should choose another option to review gowns.
  •  A bride should be prepared upon finding the gown of her dreams to buy it. If it is important that your mother see the gown before the final decision is made, it is best that your mother is in attendance. The purpose of a trunk show is to make a same-day purchase.
  • The dresses will not be available at the boutique a month later. Brides are unable to place orders for gowns after the trunk show.
  • On certain occasions, the designer may be in attendance. They may also be available to create custom sketches based on a bride’s body style. A designer may be inclined to make modifications to cut, fabric and ornamentation in response to the personal needs of the bride.
  • Trunk shows are a great deal of fun! Couture bridal fashion is about making a piece of art for a specific individual.
  • Relax and enjoy the day!

Hannelores in Old Town Alexandria has a variety of distinctive trunk shows to choose from.

Anne Barge, October 27-29
Christos, November 3-5
Amy Michelson, December 1-3


MOTHERS ‘S HELPER WEBSITE, 1998 – Print Mailer
Childcare Provider Introduction and Membership Letter

Dear Childcare Professional,

As a childcare provider, you are an essential resource to families. uses the internet to connect you with parents in search of quality care.

More and more busy parents use the internet every day to gain quick access to information and resources. Our service to them is to compile and maintain a searchable online database of childcare facilities for review and comparison.

Basic information about your facility may already be included. However, completion of the enclosed Mother’s Helper membership form will ensure that your facility and staff are described in detail.

Are you multilingual? Do you provide three meals a day? Does your facility include an outside play area? Do you offer a religious curriculum? Our mission is to shine a special light on every childcare provider in Maryland. Why not join us today?

Membership is free! We’ll even include a link to your website so that parents may access photos of your facility and staff. You don’t have a website? No worries. We can build one for you.

Questions? Take a few moments to review our site at We think you’ll find our childcare search a valuable tool. There are also special features that include articles contributed by readers and a spotlight on our Mommy of the Month.

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